New Year's Eve

Did you have a good New Year's?

Things were going great at the Balvin's. Got home from work. had a great dinner and a fun time with the kids. Was looking forward to some time with Stephanie. Put the kids to sleep at 8:45.

8:55 - Jacob tells us Andrew puked. Checked. Yup. All over the crib.
9:30 - Andrew is puking all over my shirt as I try to watch Fergie sing on TV.
10:15 - Jacob and Izzy are still up. They come downstairs to watch a movie.
11:00 - Try to put all the kids (3) back to bed. Andrew pukes in the bathroom sink.
11:15 - Everyone is now sleeping. I'm waiting for more puke.

Poor little kid. Being sick sucks.

Not how Stephanie and I planned our night. Glad no one came over.

My birthday tomorrow. I'll probably spend it puking. Sweet.