Andrew Whisperer

Friday night Stephanie and I enjoyed watching the show Dog Whisperer. The show is about a man who goes into peoples' homes and helps them learn how to manage their dogs. Some of the cases we saw were pretty incredible. One of the most amazing transformations was a pit bull who obsessively chased and killed whatever small animals had the poor fortunate of crossing his path. By the end of the show the Dog Whisperer was able to get the pit bull to lay on its side while a rabbit was placed on the dog's head. Amazing.

Coincidently, Friday night Stephanie and I began the journey of breaking Andrew from his habit of sleeping next to us. Most nights he goes down in his crib and then joins us in our bed at some point during the night when he wakes up. However, when Andrew woke up Friday I decided to try and make him stay in his crib. Forty-five minutes of crying later he was at Stephanie's side. Then on Saturday Andrew decided he didn't want to go to bed when Stephanie laid him down at 8:30. Three hours later Andrew and I were laying side by side on the floor in his room. Yes, you read that right - 3 hours! Andrew is as strong willed as his sister Izzy who also had a three hour bout in her crib as a baby.

I wonder if the Dog Whisperer could help us?