Daily Update From the Balvin Zoo

Stephanie is back in the classroom today, and I have the day off, so I've been living the stay at home dad life. It is a good idea for the working father to spend a day, every once in a while, doing what the stay at home mother does every day. You gain a clearer perspective and bigger appreciation for your better half's life that is easy to overlook otherwise.

Life has gone relatively smoothly today at the Balvin Zoo. The animals have enjoyed cartoons, fried potatoes and oranges for breakfast, playing w/ toys, a new Bible board game, wrestling, coloring books, a trip to Cub Foods for butter and salami, egg salad sandwiches for lunch, Snow White, fresh baked chocolate cookies for a snack, and some quiet time in their rooms.

The little monkey is sleeping right now. It is amazing what a difference being down just one animal can do to the mood of the house.

Stephanie, you are a rock star for being the innkeeper each day. I know you think the kids are all about Daddy but that is not true. This morning while eating his breakfast Jacob said, "I wish Mommy was here for this." What a kid.