Leadership Lessons: The Challenge of Asserting Yourself

I love my job. Most days. One of the hardest parts of my job is leading people who have been in a position for a long time. With the way my company runs things people in my position come and go around every 18 months. However, many times the people we manage have been in position for many years.

This is a huge leadership challenge, especially as a 28 year old working with 35-50 year olds. It has been difficult for me to lead when I am challenged back or when I'm told me idea is wrong. Sometimes when I approach individuals I'm told not to worry about it, that they've got it, and I'm kind of left standing there like, "Ah...ok?"

A big learning for me right now is how to lead people who don't just follow. Does that make sense? I have to earn the right to lead people. Coming in and just barking orders is a very bad idea. And yet I am their boss, so I have to pick the right times to assert myself whether or not that assertion is received positively. I'm not a confrontation guy at all so there are moments in my week when I really feel stretched.

Through it all I'm thankful because I know that I am acquiring experiences and skills that I can build on for the rest of what God has ahead of me. But there are those days where I just feel small. And on those days I gotta push through.

Are you having to push through anything right now? Don't back down. Go for it and overcome the obstacles that you face. You will be better for facing it. And God will use whatever your circumstance to shape and form you for your good.