Out With the Old

Had the day off from work so I decided to try and make some progress sorting through the piles of boxes in our garage since the move. Motivated by all the Clean House I've been watching lately my goal today was to go through all my old college notebooks and binders. It was a big job!

Two observations:

1. Dang, I kept everything! I had papers, homework assignments, quizzes, and 3 ring binders galore. A personal habit I need to continue developing in 2008 is the ability to throw things away.

Warning: Mom & Dad - DO NOT READ WHAT FOLLOWS!

2. As I scanned through some stuff before tossing it I was stunned at how little I remember. Given any of the tests I took 5 years ago I would fail all of them; which makes college seem like a colossal intellectual bust. I know that college is about developing skills and building a foundation for later in life but for all that tuition I wish that I would have retained more of what I was supposed to be learning.