The Relationship Between Listening and Acting

For the past couple years Stephanie and I have been in a place of waiting, anticipating and questioning what God has for us in the future. Recently that feeling has been hitting Stephanie the hardest as she wonders about where God is calling her vocationally. It seems like we are in this weird place where every little thing gets shoved through a filter labeled "Is God trying to tell me something?"

Don't get me wrong, I want to live listening to the Spirit and with an openness to follow, but I'm kind of getting to a point where I just want to take action and trust that God is in control and that he will work out all my decisions for my good. Otherwise I'm spending too much mental and emotional energy chasing down every dust ball that gets pushed along the front of my mind.

It is a delicate balance between wanting to please God and go where he leads and sitting around doing nothing and being perplexed under the guise of faithfulness.