Thursday, January 17, 2008

Three of a Kind

I've really been enjoying my three kids today. This afternoon we stopped by Bethel Seminary to visit some friends and I noticed (maybe for the first time) how amusing it is to watch all three kids walking around and playing together.

When we first arrived Andrew was nervous around the new people but his older brother Jacob took his hand and showed him how to wave and led him over to give a couple people fives. Very cute. Later we all meandered down to the gym and the kids rolled basketballs around together. At one point I was talking with someone when all of a sudden I realized Izzy and Andrew were sneaking away to do some exploring up a dark stairwell. Now we're all home and Jacob and Izzy are playing with there toys together and reenacting scenes from Dora the Explorer.

Having three kids in three years has been incredibly crazy, but it has also been amazingly touching and quite fun. I am sure there is much more fun to be had as the kids get older. I'm looking forward to it.
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