Trusting God and Trudging Forward

The older I get the more I realize how much fear paralyzes us and prevents us from moving forward. This week I had to face some personal challenges at work head-on and in each instance I've walked away kicking myself for spending emotional energy worrying about it before hand. The conversations I needed to have went smoothly and respectfully. It turns out all the drama I anticipated was in my imagination.*

In his Letter to the Philippians Paul writes that we should be 'anxious about nothing.' In Matthew Jesus teaches us to not 'be anxious about tomorrow.'

So...what are you anxious about? Be strong in the face of your future. Don't let imaginative fear paralyze you. Move forward with the confidence that Jesus loves you and desires what is best for you. Trust him and trudge on in the face of whatever it is you are facing.

* Sometimes facing conflict is physically unavoidable. Here's some good advice from Gary Lamb on How to Handle Conflict.