Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Wonder and Work of a Wife

I'm reading a dramatic biography about Charles Finney, a Christian revivalist in the 1800s. Among the many insightful statements made in the book are two descriptions of Finney's relationship with his wife Lydia. 12 years his younger Lydia was a source of strength and inspiration to Finney during some of the darker moments of his life. The author writes of her (and of any wonderful wife):
She is cherished as a companion, adored by reason of her loveliness; but when the heavy shadows fall, she seems altogether an angel. (pg. 89)
After detailing Finney's fear that God was finished using him to do great things, the author recounts Lydia's inspiration word to her husband, "My dear, your best is yet to come" and says,
It may be that here is the high reason for the companionship which he established at Eden; wives and mothers seem to listen best when men in anguish can no longer hear. (pg. 94)
My wife has had some Lydia moments in my life where she has spoken the supportive or inspiration word that I need to here, Thank you Jesus for the companionship of a great wife.
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