Following Around Elephants with a Shovel

Heard a good one from Mark Driscoll in a recent sermon on God's grace. He said something like...
God's grace doesn't mean you get to walk around like an elephant in the circus and God just follows you around with a shovel. (start at 5:00 in the clip below)

It is true that God will always forgive us. However, that truth doesn't give us the freedom to go around sinning as much as we want, behaving as if sin is not a big deal and that God will always be there to pick up our poop (see Romans 6).

In fact, for the Christian, the one whom Jesus died to save and in whom he now lives, an evidence that you are truly are saved is a decreasing propensity in your live to sin and an increasing desire to glorify God with all your being.

God's grace not only redeems and saves us, but it also calls and empowers us to live a new kind of life. You can see all the 14 different aspects of grace that Driscoll preached on, along with many more resources on the subject of grace, by clicking here.