Tim Keller Article in Newsweek

Tim Keller is a pastor I first heard of, and fell in love with, about a year ago. He leads a church in the heart of NYC called Redeemer Presbyterian Church. I really enjoy his intellectual approach to preaching, yet he doesn't allow you to stay in the realm of headiness, and he challenges Christians on social justice and evangelistic issues.

Keller is a reformed theologian who, until recently, hasn't gotten much secular press. Newsweek recently did a short article on him called The Smart Shepherd. Here's a quote,
There's nothing sexy here. There's no rock band, no drop-down theater-size video screen, no 100-member gospel choir—just a few chamber musicians and a couple of prayer leaders to help the congregation along in its hymns. The crowd at Redeemer Presbyterian is overwhelmingly young, single, professional and—for lack of a better word—sober.
Keller just published a book entitled The Reason for God, which I should be getting soon. Here are some great links complied by Steve McCoy to sermons, articles and all other things Keller related.