What I Did On My Time Off

After four days of being off I am headed back to work today. It was a nice break. I had a lot of fun being with Stephanie and the kids. Some highlights of my time off are...

- meeting and talking with the pastor at our new church
- sleeping in until 8 instead of 6
- watching my little bro play hockey twice
- shoveling the driveway and watching my son play in the snow
- watching some of Hockey Day in Minnesota
- changing out two vehicles headlights (major accomplishment for me!)
- taking the family to A&W, IKEA, and the airport

Letting work go to fully enjoy my time off was difficult. As a new employee I am constantly thinking about working hard to get the job done well and looking for opportunities to supersede my daily responsibilities. Checking my work email at home and seeing issues pop up isn't a good idea. It just adds unnecessary stress. I'll have to work on this in the future.