The Importance of Knowing the Scriptures

Last night we had a small group discussion time with some people from our church. It was a pleasant evening and I hope edifying in some way to everyone who was there. The topic was forgiveness. Lots of great discussion, on and off the topic.

One thing that jumped out at me were the multiple times that people would make assertions about things without the support of Scripture. One person went as far as to say that she liked the idea of free will because it feels good to her. We also had some discussion around the idea of people in the churching judging one another's sins. A few people seemed threatened by the idea that Christians would ever judge someone else because they perceived that as hypocrisy. While I agree that Christians shouldn't judge others outside the church, we do have a responsibility to judge those who claim to be inside the community of Christian faith (see 1 Cor. 5:12-13). Another topic we danced around was divorce and the church's attitude and response to it.

I was reminded while I sat and listened to the group that as followers of Jesus we need to KNOW our Bible's INTIMATELY. As preachers we do our people no favors by giving them 5 tips for Time management or the Keys to Communication in marriage. We need to open up the Bible and teach people what Jesus demands of the world. As parents we need to pass on the truths of God's Word to our children and do everything we can to develop in them a love for the Bible.

Lots of Christians have opinions. That's fine. But those opinions (and warm fuzzy feelings) have no authority. Only the Scripture has authority and that authority trumps any opinions and feelings that we have.