Jesus Tomb and Empty Easter Eggs

Wanted to share a neat story from Sunday.

Stephanie and I had the chance to teach a lesson to the kids at our church. We read them a story about a boy named Jeremy and empty Easter eggs. It is a very touching story that you may have heard in a sermon before. (Read here)

As an illustration we brought all the empty plastic eggs in our house for the children. Our plan was to give each child an empty egg as a picture of the empty tomb of Christ after his resurrection. We didn't know how many children we'd have so we grabbed one extra egg from the floor of the van when we got to church.

After reading the story we started handing out eggs. One, two, three.... The basket started getting emptier and I started getting more anxious. Then, as the last student came up, I looked down into the basket and saw one last egg.

Amazing. God provided all we needed. Just like he always does!