Should We Stay or Should We Go

I need some advice.

Stephanie and I have been attending a church in Northfield now for about 4 months. We are beginning to make some friends and take small steps into serving at the church. I would describe it as a four year old contemporary Lutheran church plant with an 90s vibe to it. Overall, we feel comfortable there and we think that it is the best church option for us in our community.

One thing I appreciate about the church is how we open a Bible every week and talk about Jesus. I believe the leaders of the church sincerely love Jesus and are doing their best to minister for the glory of God.

However, there are two issues that have sprouted up and begun bothering me. When I think about them I wonder if Stephanie and I can stay and serve at the church with good conscience.

1) Infant baptism: Last Sunday a family had their three children baptized (by sprinkling). The words spoken over them during the rite tweaked my brain. The pastor said that in baptism the stain of sin was washed away and the children were passing from death to life, being united with Christ in his ascension from the grave and in his resurrection. It was also said that the sprinkling of the child and subsequent anointment with oil was 'marking that child' for the Lord. Maybe I am wrong, but Stephanie and I got a strong feeling that there was some kind of salvific action being represented.

2) Female leadership: Another problem for me is that the church has a female ministry pastor and at least one female on the 'vision team.' Two years ago this would have been much less of a problem for me than it is today (I'm not looking to debate this topic in this post so please don't waste time writing a comment slamming me about it). Also, I'm wondering why they don't just call it an elder board and use the name for the office as it is given in the Bible.

Ok, advice time. Is it OK for Stephanie and I to attend and serve in a church when we have disagreement with items like the ones above? Do we have to leave and find a church that does things the way we think the Bible teaches?

Just posting this brings me anxiety because I am stepping into a realm where I am verbalizing things that I am not even completely rested on in my own mind, and thus, I am opening myself up to an onslaught of criticism that I would not be comfortable defending myself against.

Oh well.

What do you think? Should we stay or should we go?