The Theological Rubber Hits the Road

Some close friends were hit with hard news on Wednesday afternoon. When Stephanie called me and told me what was happening there was this feeling of unbelief that flooded my mind.

My sister and I like to debate theology and try to persuade one another of different things. There are usually other people in the room and they get so tired of hearing us argue. But both my sister and I know one thing - moments like Wednesday are when the theological rubber hits the road. And although debates are fun and nice, but when tradgey strikes, you had better have landed somewhere on the questions of who God is and what is his involvement in the world. Because with out some kind of foundational understanding it is very easy to question and blame God.

Tomorrow Stephanie will go to be with our friends and just sit like Job's friends did at first, ready to follow the command of Scripture and simply weep with those who weep. May God give everyone the strength they need, and may your great name be exalted high in the midst of deep hurt.