One of my favorite blogs for the last couple years has been Steve McCoy's blog Reformissionary. It is a wonderful collection of insights, quotes, poems, photos, Tim Keller resources, reformed teachings, and battles against those who think have a beer busts up your faith.

Steve has currently made the Final Four of a national campaign called Blogger Madness and now he needs our help to advance into the finals. On his blog he asks,
Please continue to VOTE for my blog. I NEED your vote, if you haven't voted yet. The Southern Seminary students seem to be rallying and trying to team up to beat this blog. You, my wonderful readers, cannot let that happen. You can, with two clicks, put this game away today. SO PLEASE GO VOTE!

My campaign promises...(read more)

Here's what you can do:

  1. Click on the link above and vote for Steve
  2. Copy this post and put it on your own blog
  3. Email everyone in your contacts with voting information
  4. Write on all your Facebook friend's walls asking them to vote

Steve, I can't guarantee this blog's readers will put you in the finals, but we'll do our best.