Quick Hits

- We've taking care of my in-laws Beagle all week. The wife and kids love it. It is cute to see Jacob try and walk the dog. He's our animal lover for sure; I'm not quite as into it.

- Bought a nice Casio keyboard yesterday for $1. It is really loud when the kids bang on it, but still kind of fun to hear music in the house.

- Living in Northfield is nice. Our house is in a cul-de-sac and since the weather has been nice the kids have been outside playing almost everyday. Makes this parent happy to watch his kids run and play outside.

- Loving the Stanley Cup playoffs. What a sport!

- Took on a couple new roles at work, learning about organic produce and pest control. Strange combination.

- My mom is part of a big musical production in her school district. I don't remember her doing much of this when my siblings and I were growing up. She probably could have if she wasn't so busy giving her life away to us.

- Stephanie blogged about Jacob's use of the word bisgusting. His other favorite word when he feels crabby is boring. Everything is so boring. Blah, blah, blah. He must have got that from TV because I'm quite sure I never said that growing up.

- Looking forward to speaking Sunday to some students in a seminary friend's youth ministry. We'll be getting into the use of bread in the Bible.

- Anybody have tickets for the Twins/Red Sox series May 8-10? I'm available.