Answering Our Children's Questions

My friend Casey Ross recently blogged that our job as dads is to answer one very important question for our sons and daughters as they grow. Casey wrote,
I just finished John Eldredge's You Have What It Takes: what every father needs to know (only 50 pages and $3.00). He says us dads need to do one thing for our child. Now, come on dads, we can get on board with a plan that only gives us one thing to do to be successful dads! He says:

"I'm going to make fathering very simple: answer your child's question."
So what's question?

If you are familiar with Eldredge at all you know the answer. Eldredge believes that every boy is looking to his father for the answer to the question, "Do I have what it takes?" Sons need affirmation that they are brave, talented, strong, smart, and successful. They look to their fathers for support, encouragement, coaching, and acceptance as 'a man.' As dads we need to be constantly looking out for times when we can build up our boys and let them know that they do 'have it.' Every son wants to be a brave prince and our job as dads is to be the King of the Castle developing and exhorting our sons towards greatness.

Things are a little different for our girls. Eldredge believes that every daughter looks to her dad and asks, "Am I lovely?" Girls want to be affirmed for their beauty, their charm, and their tenderness. They need to know that as their father we cherish, love, adore, and wonder in them. Every daughter wants to be the princess and our job as dads is to be the King of the Castle protecting and holding our daughters close as long as we can.