Saturday, May 31, 2008

Darrin Patrick @ Whiteboard

Darrin Patrick, lead pastor of The Journey Church, and vice president of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, was the fourth speaker at Wibo. Darrin was probably my favorite speaker at the conference. He was not dramatic or technologically flashy, but I felt like he was honest from the gut and the content of his talk was potentially life changing for the heart of the pastor.

Darrin taught from Romans 1 and showed how all throughout the Scripture man has been exchanging worship of God for worship of created things. He challenged us to identify the idols in our lives and repent of those things. Then he concluded by proclaiming the greatness of Jesus by demonstrating that though we are bigger sinners than we could have ever thought, Jesus is a bigger Savior than we could have ever thought.

Here are some notes from Darrin's talk.

Big Idea: We were created to worship, and we will worship one of two things: 1) Idols/created things; 2) Jesus/image and glory of the invisible God.

- we don't "fall" into sin, we exchange God for created idols (Rom. 1:23)
- we are created to worship, and we WILL worship whatever captivates our hearts
- by worshiping idols instead of God, we become ruled by created things instead of Jesus, because what ever we worship we allow to rule over us
- 1 Jn 5:21 seems odd at first glance, why is it there? because it summarizes the entire book of 1 Jn = if we want to love righteous lives filled with love (the overarching theme of 1 Jn) than we must stay free of idolatry
- if we have a righteousness problem in our lives then we have an idolatry problem
- all people look either to God or to created things to be 1) emotionally secure; 2) personally significant
- you really don't know what your idols are until they are disturbed or threatened
- our idols become our 'functional Saviors'
- there are 4 primary motivations of the heart: 1) power, 2) approval, 3) comfort, 4) control
- we have to work to idenifty the root sin, which lies beneath the surface sin; i.e., a man is obsessed with money so we label him greedy, which is the surface sin...however, beneath that greed there is a root sin
1. maybe the man is obsessed with money because he wants to buy all that life offers (comfort)
2. maybe the man is obsessed with money because he needs to have a large savings account 'just in case' (control)
3. maybe the man is obsessed with money because he needs to show his neighbors how great he is (approval)

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Jon Towey said...

ever hear driscoll's sermon on worship? He talks about that concept of functional savior. He gave the marketing in America which sell us "hells" on earth. (ie you're in "financial hell" so hear is product X to serve as your functional savior). Good and challenging word as we battle continuing to worship Christ over idols