The Downward Mobility of God Displays His Glory

How then do we come to see and receive God's glory? In his Gospel, John shows that God choose to reveal his glory to us in his humiliation. That is the good, but also disturbing news. God, in his infinite wisdom, chose to reveal his divinity to us not through competition, but through compassion, that is, through suffering with us. God choose downward mobility. Every time Jesus speaks about being glorified and giving glory, he always refers to his humiliation and death. It is through the way of the cross that Jesus gives glory to God, receives glory from God, and makes God's glory known to us. The glory of the resurrection can never be separated from the glory of the cross. The risen Lord always shows us his wounds.

Thus the glory of God stands in contrast to the glory of people. People seek glory by moving upward. God reveals his glory by moving downward. If we truly want to see the glory of God, we must move downward with Jesus. - Henri Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak, pg. 98