Early Sunday Morning pt. 1

A young father was awaken by the feeling of scratching on his face, accompanied by the sound of grunts and moans from the two little ones who had worked their small bodies into his previously warm, cozy space. Turning over, and then back over again, exhausted and not at all ready to face the light beginning to stream through the windows, the man wondered if he had beaten the roosters to sun-up and by how long. The grunting and moaning didn't last long. It never does. If it did, it might be bearable, because at least those small sounds indicate that the noise-makers are still in one place and in some form of slumber. Unfortunately for the wanna be sleeper, the noises simply morphed into cartoon songs, petty arguments, banging on the floor and the wall, and a seemingly endless flow of questions that began with "Daddy....um....Daddy..." and never progressed much further.