Giving Everything to Jesus and Making Him the Center

Here's a couple of Nouwen quotes that are resonating with me tonight. First, on making Jesus the center of all I do...
I now know for sure that there is a long, hard journey ahead of me. It is a journey of leaving everything behind for Jesus' sake. I now know that there is a way of living, praying, being with people, caring, eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, and writing in which Jesus is truly the center. I know from [...] that this way exists and that I have not fully found it yet. - The Road to Daybreak, pg. 71
Second, on the impossibility of finding peace when I live a divided life...
As I try to understand why i am still so restless, anxious, and tense, it occurs to me that I have not yet given everything to God. I notice this especially in my greediness for time. I am very concerned to have enough hours to develop my ideas, finish my projects, fulfill my desires. Thus, my life is in fact divided into two parts, a part for God anbd a part for myself. Thus divided, my life cannot be peaceful. - The Road to Daybreak, pg. 73-74
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