More Time For the Good Stuff of Life

I've talked about feed readers to a few of my rookie blogging friends. I've even set a few people up on bloglines. But enough is enough.

People, if you don't use a feed reader you are seriously wasting way to much time!
My sister wrote, "Yet honestly, [adding people to my blogroll] just helps me find the blogs quicker than having to go through a 3-step process every time (by linking through the blogs of other people I do know)."

If you are like my sister, and you find yourself navigating around the blog world through links and blogrolls of other people, you need a feed reader. If, you read more than 3-5 blogs on a regular basis, you need a feed reader.

Go check out Bloglines. Bloglines only takes a minute to set up, and once you have your account you can begin subscribing to blogs immediately. You do this by
  1. Cicking on the ubiquitous little orange square (either on the side of a blog or up in the address bar) which is the link to their RSS feed
  2. Choosing which feed reader you want to subscribe to that blog feed with
  3. Select the box to 'always use this' to subscribe
  4. Click on select now
You're ready to roll! Now instead of clicking on 20 blogs a day, you just sign-in to your Bloglines account and read the bolded blogs (which signify new content). Hope it helps. Enjoy reading!