My Week in Review

- Won our softball game on Sunday night. I was 1-3 with two RBIs and a walk.
- Met our new store manager Monday morning. She seems really high energy. I think she'll be a great teacher and developer, which I'm excited about.
- Had a blast on Monday night at the Twins game with my buddy Jon. Every time we get together we realize that we don't hang out enough.
- Stephanie interviewed Tuesday for a teaching job. She got denied on Thursday.
- Took the kids on a one hour nature hike at a local county park on Wednesday. They all got wood ticks. Then we all got root bear at A&W.
- Spent Thursday night celebrating the birthday of a good friend's son, with some great people we haven't seen in a while. One guy brought me some home-brewed beer and wine. Yum.
- Had a couple drinks after work and said goodbye to a colleague who's moving to Texas. Then we grilled and hung out with our neighbors. Fun times.
- Tomorrow we're hitting up the Lakeville city wide garage sales and then hanging at the MN Zoo.