Rollarcoaster Day

Lots of ups and downs on the day off.*

Woke up with no internet. It has been acting up for a couple weeks now.
Went on an adventure to get a new modem with the whole family in the 1993 Honda Civic.
Kids driving us crazy on the way home.
Internet's back on. Didn't need the new modem.
Andrew's not feeling well. Runny nose, very clingy.
Hang out with Izzy and Jake. Watch a movie. Rainy day cuddles.
Dinner time. Table manners not good. No treat.
Dance to CMA show. Clean up toy room. Go for ice cream.
Kids climbing the booth and going crazy. Go home.
Songs, prayers, tuck 'em in. House is quiet for blogging and Sodoku.
Jacob wakes up puking like a freaking fire hydrant.
Jacob's back asleep. Finish this post.

Update: Stephanie wrote a review of the evening activities here.

* Picture from here.