Vince Antonucci @ Whiteboard

I had never heard Vince Antonucci speak before. I won't forget him. He is one of the most passionate people I have ever heard speak on reaching out to lost people. Vince pastors Forefront Church in VA.

Stephanie and I both loved Vince's talk. We also picked up a copy of his book I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt: Replacing Souvenir Religion with Authentic Spiritual Passion, which I'll blog on soon (and which it might be the longest book title I've ever seen), and we've really enjoyed Vince's humorous yet impactful writing.

Here's some notes from Vince's talk:

Big Idea: We are called to seek and save God's lost children.

- I need new eyes to look at people and see them the way Jesus did, as lost sheep without a shepherd
- Jesus was sent to 'seek and save' the lost, and then, before he left earth he said to his followers (us, now) "As the Father has sent me I am sending you"
- Questions to consider as you think about your life...
1. What breaks your heart?
2. What are you ambitious for?
3. Why have you 'come?'

- If we are not close to lost people, we're not as close to Jesus as we might think (this is a powerful idea)