Whiteboard Sessions Here We Come

We made it to Reston, VA! Our plane arrived safely at 4:30pm. Our luggage arrived safely (on another flight) at 6:45 pm.

While waiting to get our stuff and check in to the hotel we drove around aimlessly and ended up in Herdon, VA. I had heard before coming here that there was a fun little old fashion bar in Herdon called Jimmy's Old Town Tavern so we decided to find it and grab some dinner. When we went in we felt like it was the kind fo place where you needed to have a beer and a burger, so I did, and they were both delicious!

I can't wait for Whiteboard tomorrow. Looking forward to connecting with some blogging friends and hearing from a dynamic speaker line-up. It is goning to be sweet.

(Just met one of the speakers in the business office! Cool!)