Will You Join My Fast?

I'd like to invite you to join me tomorrow; I am going to begin a 24 hour fast at 1:30 pm. Why you ask?

A few months ago Stephanie heard that there may be some elementray school teaching positions opening up in the Northfield school district. At that time we began praying and thinking about what life would be like if Stephanie started teaching again. We need the supplemental income and we have struggled to find a job that Stephanie would enjoy and that would pay our bills. Teaching seemed to be the best fit.

So Stephanie gathered all her materials, talked with a few teachers and principals she has met through her time as a student and a coach in Northfield, and she submitted her application in early April. After applying she heard that the school district was expecting over 1,000 applicants for only 6-7 positions. Long odds, but our God is great we thought.

Last week Stephanie received an email letting her know that she had been selected (along with 17 other people) out of 400 resumes for a first impressions interview at one of the local elementary schools. She found out that there are 4 open positions in this school. Now the odds of her not getting a job have dropped significantly.

So I will be doing a 24 hour fast leading up to the time of the interview. This will be a complete fast from food, using my hunger pains to pray and ask that God's will for us be done, whether or not that means Stephanie will get the job. I'll also be praying that Stephanie will be bold and courageous, that she would have peace and confidence regarding what Tuesday will bring.

Please join me in fasting and praying for our family. We would really appreciate it.