Stepping Out and Asking for Help

For longer than I care to count or admit I have been without any strong Christian male leadership in my life. Sure I have been around Christians; I have been reading books and listening to podcasts and I have been attending church, but what I have not been doing is getting together on a regular basis with men who love Jesus deeply and who love me enough to ask me hard questions and correct me when I'm wrong. About the closest thing I have had to this is my counselor (yes I have one that I see every so often) but he is no substitute for men who see me on a consistent basis.

After thinking about the lack of this accountability in my life, and after looking around and praying about how God may bring it about, I decided to approach a man out of the blue at our church about such a thing. he is a guy whom I have come to respect by listening to whathe says and seeing how he uses his life.

Amazingly, this man had been pursuing a very similar type of thing with another guy in our church. We talked a little and will be discussing it again in the future. I walked off blown away by the way God works, and I hope that he is bringing me into a place where I can take of my mask and be real with some people who care about me and who can help me become more and more like my Savior.