My Thoughts on the All-Star Game

Quite a few people are talking about the MLB All-Star game Tuesday night. It was an amazing game that I think should go down as a classic in All-Star game history. One of the big debates, however, centers around the pitching situation. There were at least two pitchers who participated in the extra innings of the game whose regular season teams didn't want them to play because of pitching they had done previous to the game. I'm sympathetic to teams who want to protect the arms of their stars, but I think it sucks for the game that there was so much drama surrounding these pitchers.

Here is my solution. If a player is selected as an All-Star, either that player's team should work out their regular season rotation so that the player is well-rested going into All-Star break, or extra players should be added to the All-Star roster. If a pitcher is selected, but can't pitch, he should be treated just like an injured All-Star. he should go to the game, dress in his uniform, be announced as an All-Star, and then replaced with someone else who can actually play free from the concern of injury.

My other comment on the game is this. I think baseball should somehow change the rule about players being removed from the game once they are substituted for. As the All-Star game went on, I wished I could see Manny Ramirez or Albert Puljous bat again, instead of watching that brutal Tampa catcher or any stinking White Sox players bat 4 extra times!