Book Review: Wild Goose Chase

Today Mark Batterson's newest book Wild Goose Chase hits the shelves of bookstores. I was lucky to get an advance copy to review here on the my blog.

Wild Goose Chase is a fun read that will inspire you to think more about what it means to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. Written in much of the same style as Mark's first book, Wild Goose Chase is an easy to read book filled with personal stories, Biblical character case studies, provoking challenges and memorable one-liners.

The byline of the book says, "Reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing God." Batterson explains that Christians can do this by getting free of 6 cages that hold them captive. These cages are:

1. Responsibility
2. Routine
3. Assumptions
4. Guilt
5. Failure
6. Fear

Some of my favorite quotes in the book are:

- When we lack the guts to step out in faith, we rob God of the glory that is rightfully his.
- We start dying when we have nothing worth living for. And we don't really start living until we find something worth dying for.
- [The Holy Spirit] comforts the afflicted. Like a good counselor, He also afflicts the comfortable.
- The only way you discover a new identity is by letting go of an old one.
- We can't appreciate the full extent of God's grace until we realize the full extent of our sin.
- God often uses things that seem to be taking us off our course to keep us on His course.
- I think some of us want to know the will of God more than we want to know God.
- Start playing offense with your life.

You will enjoy this book and it will motivate you to get closer to the Holy Spirit and begin the journey of following after him!

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