God, Not Me, Is Ultimately Responsible for My Kids

My wife put up a heartfelt post a couple days ago detailing some of her anxieties about becoming a teacher and no longer being a stay at home mother. It has been a tough decision to make. I always thought the only way for my kids would be a stay-at-home parent until they went to school. But for reasons mainly financial Stephanie has had to work. Being a teacher seems to be the most stable work for her because of the set weekly hours and the summers off. Plus, as a long term job, it puts her on similar schedules to the kids once they are in school.

One of Stephanie's friends put up an encouraging comment on Steph's blog. She reminded Steph that she will still be a mom to the kids, and that by being a teacher, Stephanie has the ability to impact a whole bunch of kids' lives. How true! I wonder sometimes if we as parents get too caught up in our own kids and forget that as followers of Jesus we have the duty to impact as many lives as possible. Sure, we need to care for our kids and do everything we can to honor the blessing of God in giving them to us, but that care and concern for the well-being of others doesn't end at the horizon of our porches and decks. It stretches far out into the world.

Besides, who are we kidding, by thinking that how our kids turn out is entirely up to us? All children are God's children and their ultimate well-being is up to the one who sustains them and gives them breathe for as long as he chooses.