Godly Contentment

While on a walk with my little Drew man yesterday I listened to a great podcast from the Village Church. There was a guest speaker who gave a talk on godly contentment. Solid stuff!

It should come as no surprise to those of you who no me that I struggle with contentment in most areas of my life. I am always thinking about moving forward, moving up, moving past, and moving on. The great challenge I face is being happy and satisfied where I am in the moment.

As an example, my buddy Jon gently pointed this out to me while we were at the zoo on Thursday. Without even thinking about it I was pushing the group from exhibit to exhibit so quickly that I was short-circuiting the adventure and joy of "taking it all in." Of course you have the other extreme as well, where people go so slow that they miss out on things, but that's an entirely different post. JT, can your write that one?

The one point that hit me in the godly contentment talk was this - if you are not content with where you are and what you have, then you have a faith issue. Bam! That slapped me right across the face. The truth is, if I believe that God is sovereign and working all things for my good and His glory, then I had better be willing to live and serve joyfully right where He has me in the moment, trusting that all other moves are in His hands.

In the end it all boils down to this:

Sovereign God + Faith in Him = Godly Contentment