Avoid Becoming Sermon Proof

There is a great danger for people who have been Christians for some time that they can become "sermon proof." After years of going to church and hearing sermons, or downloading multiple preachers to your iPod, it is quite possible that a person can become desensitized to the weight of the truths being communicated.

Instead of having fresh hearts that can be ripped bear with the words of truth, our ears become hardened and encrusted over so that the words we hear can never penetrate to the depth of our souls.

In following in the footsteps and pulpit of a powerful preacher (a man named Solomon Stoddard) Jonathon Edwards inherited a congregation in such a condition. In denouncing their hard hearts Edwards said,
"Woe to them that go to hell out of Northampton and that lived under Mr. Stoddard's ministry. We are ready to wonder at the wickedness we hear there is in some parts of the world, in the West Indies and in other places; but they han't one half of the sins to answer as obstinate sinners will have that go from this place."
It is easy to identify and be horrified at the sins of evil men in Iran and Palestine, it takes little energy to pour damnation on those who participate in human trafficking, there is no trouble in saying that the practice of infanticide in Brazilian tribes is barbaric; but with what eyes do we see our own sin?

Friend, pray that you do not become sermon proof. Pray that God will remove the covers from your eyes and the caps from your ears so that you may see and hear of your sinfulness and position of lowliness as an object of God's wrath. And then rejoice with praise and gratitude that Jesus Christ has taken your place out of his great love for you.