Family Twins Game Last Night

Yesterday the family and I got a little spontaneous and decided to head up into Minneapolis and watch the MN Twins game. I know I am fasting from sports, but I viewed this more as a family, memory building opportunity.

We packed into the van and drove up to Apple Valley where we got on the light rail train. After a thirty minute ride, next to some occasionally foul-mouthed teenage girls, we arrived at the dome. No sooner did we sit down than Izzy needed to use the restroom and Jake wanted food. We sat in the family section and had empty seats on both sides of us so things went smooth. The kids did great and we enjoyed our hots dogs, nachos, and pop. The game was exciting and the Twins won big 9-3. The highlight for the kids was being on the big screen dancing and watching a fan get arrested after he ran onto the field and all around the outfield.

After the game I thought I had a good plan for riding the train home. I figured we could take the train the opposite way of the crowds and then loop back around. So, we boarded the N bound train to the Minneapolis Warehouse district. Things didn't turn out so some though.

When we reached the last stop we were told our train was being taken out of service and we'd have to wait for the next one. So we get out and Stephanie and I realize we are at the train depot right across the road from a bar and a strip club! About 15 minutes later the next train arrives and after we board we're told the train won't depart for another 15 minutes. I couldn't believe it. Finally our train made it back to our car, and after stopping for a small snack at McDonald's we arrived home, exhausted, at 12:15AM.

All in all it was a fun night. We just tried to focus on the positive no matter what and enjoy the adventure of the evening. I'm lucky to have a wife that is as spontaneous as me. I think the kids had fun and will remember our night for a long time.