Me and Mark Driscoll

Last night I was lucky enough to get out of the house, drive to Northwestern College and listen to Mark Driscoll lecture on "Christ and Media." I have pages of notes from the talk that I'll try and summarize later. One key point was this: Every church will contextualize. The question is, 'what year will it be contextualized to.'

I was very appreciative of Mark's talk. He is a much more humble guy that most people think. His word at the end of the lecture was well put. He encouraged the group of mostly college age students to use technology and media for the promotion of the Gospel and God's fame, and not as a way to criticize, argue and belittle people.

In his closing prayer he asked forgiveness for the times he has used media sinfully in those ways. I walked away very thankful for a guy like Mark and the way he has grown in humility since he first started in ministry.

Plus, he signed my copy of Vintage Jesus and posed for a picture.