Technology and the Church

Saturday and Sunday night I had to work partial overnight shifts to get some things reset in the produce department I manage. It was long and crazy and tiring, but the department looks great.

To compensate for the long nights I have today off. So far, I have slept until 10:30 and sat at Caribou in town the rest of the day journaling, studying, reading, blogging and researching cool church stuff. It's been a great day.

There is some really cool things happening in churches through the use of technology. More and more churches are leveraging things like text messaging to engage people during a sermon and to communicate with their congregants during the week. Also, video is being used for announcements and sermon illustrations in ways it never has before. Church has come a long way from hand puppets and overheads projectors.

It will be interesting to see what the church of the future looks like. I love the approach of Mars Hill (Seattle) because they are dedicated to the engagement of culture and use of technology, without diminishing the commitment to Biblical exposition in preaching and heartfelt worship at all.