Tiring on the Top

"Uneasy is the head of the man who wears a crown." Shakespeare

I listened to a sermon last night from Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones in which he referenced this quote when talking about how man becomes a slave to power, adoration, and the worship of other men.

The idea that I will be happy when I final 'arrive' is a lie that I consistently trip up on. I sin when I dwell on the falsehood that contentment and happiness will come from attaining some level of respect and achievement in the eyes of others.

What I forgot is that should I reach some level of success with this kind of mindset, I will constantly be threatened by others who are achieving in their own right. Because I worry about gaining others approval, I will steadily be on guard of others who are getting the praise I crave.

Being on the top comes with a much higher price than people allow themselves to acknowledge. You are the place ever one else wants to be. You are the king that others are trying to knock off the hill. It is an exhausting, anxious and difficult spot to be for the man who rose on the praises and accolades of foolish men who shift affiliations and affections like a restless wind.