6 Random Things About Me

My wife tagged me and asked me to post six random things about myself. This might be good therapy, or it may cause me to lose all my friends, who knows. Anyway here goes...

1. I am fascinated with make-up and haircuts. On the Extreme Make-over shows one of my favorite parts is when the person gets their hair styled and then they are given a make-up lesson. I love make-up. It is a special bonding time for Izzy and I when we paint her nails together.

2. I wish I had a talent for music. I love music. I wish that I could sing and play piano and guitar with ease, more than I desire any other talent. As a youth leader I organized a Sunday night worship service in my parent's barn. I played guitar and sang, and to this day, I have no idea why anyone ever came.

3. I have some kind of digestive disorder than causes me to have loose stools all the time. Yeah, that's why I always disappear at your house 5 minutes after eating dinner. It is such a regular thing that Stephanie just expects me to use the bathroom before I leave a restaurant. There seem to be certain foods that trigger the problem more than others. Some prominent offenders are syrup, BBQ, spicy Mexican, and some spaghetti sauces.

4. During my sophomore year in college I was called to see the Dean of Students because someone was pressing sexual harassment charges against me. Apparently they were sitting in a parked car in the Bethel University parking lot at 11:00 pm one night and they were offended when they saw my white buttocks mooning a hockey player friend of mine. Years later I had to go see the Dean again and promise not to do anything stupid when I was giving the student address at commencement.

5. One of my favorite bands is a group called The Tragically Hip. I love them and my wife absolutely hates them. I was introduced by a Canadian hockey teammate while at Bethel. I have seen the Hip 5 times lives. Stephanie came with for one show and I think she still regards it as one of the worst dates in our history together.

6. I hate to brag but I am a baby whisperer. Ask Stephanie. I love babies and babies love me. My daughter Izzy was probably my greatest challenge. If a baby is crying around me I have no problem taking them and walking around and bouncing and talking them back to sanity. Seriously. Test me. I'll hold your baby anytime.