8 Reasons Why the City is the Best Place to Raise Children

In a survey of over 6,000 youth, it was seen that one of the single largest factors in children following in their parent's faith is whether or not the children felt their parents understood the real world and could understand and answer the child's questions about the world.

Dr. Tim Keller believes that children raised by parents in the city have the best shot at feeling their parents understand they real world. In this talk, Tim expounds on 8 reasons why the city is the best place to raise children.

#1- Kids will think they are living in the real world
#2- The city undercuts kids' self-righteousness towards you and your faith
#3- Kids will become considerably more confident and self-reliant, self-sufficient
#4- Kids will be better at handling diversity
#5- The city pushes the family together
#6- Gives kids examples of people they will want to be like
#7 - You can help kids process the real world
#8 - Kids don't have the same kind of pressure on them to conform