Book Review: For Young Men Only

The latest book in the series For ____ Only (For Women Only, For Men Only) is Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice's book, For Young Men Only. I was sent an advance copy to do a review of the book on this very blog. So, here goes.

Style of the Book
I enjoyed reading FYMO. It was a very quick read geared towards the younger, teenage reader. The language in the book is consistent with the language that teenage kids are speaking without being cheesy. The illustrations were relevant and fit the current culture. I think the young men who read this book will connect with the content and enjoy the style.

Purpose of the Book
If you are reading this book looking for in-your-face Christian theology and pastoral content, stop reading because you will not find that in FYMO. Feldhahn and Rice acknowledge this from the outset on pg. 10, "There are many great books out there that pull together good biblical guidelines for dating, for example, but that isn't what we are doing here." However, if you are looking for some practical information on what young women think and are looking for in young men, FYMO has a wealth of tips for you.

If the goal of FYMO is not for developing a 'theology of dating', what is its purpose? The answer to this question is found in the preface. FYMO strives to, and I believes succeeds in its attempt to, 'deliver an eyeopening books that draws on solid research to help teen guys understand and honor the unique way girls are wired' which will 'help your teen enjoy dramatically healthier and happier relationships in the future.' In short, FYMO will help dudes understand chicks and have better relationships (dating or not) with them.

Content of the Book
FYMO explores 6 different themes guys that guys usually are clueless about when it comes to girls. These themes are:

1. Why do girls pick the fancy boys over the average ones?
2. Why are good girls attracted to bad guys?
3. Why do girls seem so crazy sometimes?
4. Why do girls like you one day, and then want to break up the next?
5. What can guys do to better listen to girls?
6. What go girls really think about sex?

I wish I would have had this book when I remember back a few years to my high school days. These are questions my friends and I were asking (in one way or another) and questions that I am sure the teenage boys of today are wondering. FYMO does a great job of interweaving survey data, real life anecdotes for the girls they interviewed, and practical advice in each section. There is no arguing with the facts that many guys are completely ignorant of what girls really are feeling, thinking and looking for in a boy.

Final Thoughts
I would recommend FYMO to multiple audiences. First, I think it is a good, quick little read for parents (especially fathers) of pre-teen and teenage boys. With the right use of the information in this book parents can teach and shape their young sons into real men who know how to treat girls in an honoring way. Second, teenage boys themselves can benefit from reading this book. There are lots of answers in the book to questions that young guys and girls are afraid to discuss with one another. And thirdly, I think those people who have given themselves to working with teenagers will benefit from this book as they guide young people through some of the most hormonal and future shaping years of their lives.

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