A Chritian's Attitude Towards Halloween

My family has long wrestled with how Christians should engage the secular event of Halloween. In fact, the attitude of judgment and condemnation by the people in one church towards my parents for letting us trick-or-treat as kids was a primary factor in their decision to leave that church and begin looking for another.

Now that I am a parent I face the same dilemma that my parents faced, namely answering the question that follows.
Can I, and if so, how do I, as a person of faith in Jesus Christ, participate in a holiday that often delights itself in a side of life/and spirituality that the Bible considers evil and in many ways antithetical to the God of the Bible?
I hope to write more about this in the future. Presently I see a few attitudes a person could take.

Attitude #1 - Abstinence and Avoidance. This attitude says that Christians should not participate in Halloween in anyway. Turn off the lights, no costumes, no pumpkins, no candy.

Attitude #2 - Put Your Right Foot in, Put Your Right Foot Out. This attitude says that Christians can engage in certain aspects of Halloween (costumes, candy, pumpkins) but that they should avoid other aspects (spirits, gore, evil).

Attitude #3 - Christianize It. This attitude says that Christians should not do Halloween like the rest of the world, but we can't help ourselves, so we try to justify it by having Holy-ween parties at church, dressing like Biblical characters and playing Pin the Tail on Balaam's Donkey.

Attitude #4 - It's No Big Deal. This attitude says that Christians should go ahead and participate in Halloween just like everyone else. This attitude treats the blatant spiritual associations with Halloween as inconsequential or unreal.

What attitude do you have towards Halloween?