Life Update

Hello friends,

It is late at night and I need to sleep before work tomorrow but I wanted to say hello and share a few of the things I've been up to recently....

- Had some new friends from church over Thursday night
- Great time having pizza at my brother-in-laws and visiting with his family
- Saturday was the Bethel Hockey Alumni game, very fun/relaxed game atmosphere
- Had dinner w/ my college roommate and enjoyed spending time with his family
- Date night on Sunday w/ another couple Stephanie and I deeply love
- Izzy had a sleepover at my sisters dorm and had a blast
- something is jacked up w/ the big toe on my right foot
- can't believe it is already Halloween, things will be picking up at work soon
- feeling very blessed to have such a fun nanny who does art projects w/ the kids
- blown away by how old Jacob is getting - you should see his preschool picture
- Izzy is doing gymnastics 2x/wk and loving it
- Drew man is a wild and crazy 2 year old boy
- bought a used drum set for the kids to play in the basement on Sunday
- ready for the election to come and go, and for all the campaign commercials and mailers to cease
- excited about going to a MN Wild game next week w/ my brother

That's all for now. Be blessed!