There Is Only One Perfect Parent and You are Not Him

Hi friends,

Tonight I heard some discussion on the radio about parental guilt. It was centered on the guilt that a parent can feel if their child detours from Christina faith. Now, my kids aren't at a point were I am concerned about them wandering away into Wicca or something else, but I do know about parental guilt. Everyone who has a child does.

The guilt we feel as parents when we get angry too quickly or some other thing comes from a heart of love and concern for our kids. If we didn't feel some level of remorse of guilt at our errors as parents, we wouldn't be good parents. We would be evil parents with no compassion or desire to see our children thrive.

But we must remember, no matter how hard we try we will never be perfect parents. We are human beings, living on this side of heaven in a continual state of depravity. Most succinctly said, we are sinners, as people and as parents. There is only one perfect parent; He is the Father in heaven to all those who are adopted into his family by the blood of his son. And we must remember, that even the children of a perfect parent (us/God), fail from time to time. In fact, we fail often, and God does not feel guilty he feels gracious.

So that is the posture we must take with our own sinning children. Grace - not guilt. Set the guilt aside. The burden to raise children in righteousness is not you own to bear. Do your best, pray a lot, and model yourself after the only perfect parent there is.