5 Tips for Having Hard Conversations at Work

I’ve never been the type of person who enjoys relational conflict. Yes, I was a hockey player. Which I know should make me tough as nails, but on the ice I always had pads and a stick to protect myself if trouble arose. Off the ice, in the office, there are no pads and sticks, only words and fists. And I’ve spent most of my life doing all I can to avoid any type of stressful, emotion-filled encounter and the accusations, yelling, denials, anger, hostility, and potential violence relational conflicts often create.

However, in my current job as a manager, I have had to face my inner fears. Not that I have become a big jerk who revels in running around the office red-faced and hollering at everyone, but I’ve come to learn the importance of holding people accountable to do their jobs and do what is right. This means there are times when I must have tough conversations with individuals who are missing the mark in some way or another...

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