Christian Sex: Frank Answers to Honest Questions

For a variety most churches don't ever touch on the subject of sex and sexual questions with their people. The problem with this is that we live in a sex saturated world, and people in and out of the church are influenced and driven by sexual desires.

The result is that too many Christians either grow up sexually repressed and naive, or they detach their sexual identity from their spiritual one and do whatever they want. Both of these are bad options. God designed sex and he gave it to us as a gift. It wasn't as though he created men and women, looked down from heaven and thought, "Oh dear I didn't foresee them doing that with that!"

Thankfully Mark Driscoll and his wife are taking on the challenge of educating their church from a Biblical perspective on all sorts of sexual matters. They are answering people's questions in a blog series called Christian Sex: Frank Answers to Honest Questions.

From the blog...
This set of posts comes from Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace. The sermon series The Peasant Princess brought up dozens of questions that they felt they should respond to.
Check it out. You might learn something you never knew before, or you might be set free in an area you didn't think you could be.