Don't be a Discourager of Dreams

I picked up Leaving Microsoft to Change the World at the library last week and I have really been enjoying it. It is written by John Wood, a top executive at Microsoft who left a high paying job in the late 1990s to start a non-profit organization called Room to Read. The organization works to help develop literacy and educate children around the world.

At the beginning of the book Wood talks about his wrestling with fears about leaving a secure, successful and extremely well paying job for the unknown world of philanthropy. That would be a tough decision. He talks about the people close to him in his life who he would disappoint and the confused reactions he knew people would have when they heard about his choice.

Big change is tough. And when you have a big dream (or when God lays a dream in your heart) there are going to be people with criticism, people who find the negatives and the cant's, and people who discourage you. The key is to keep focused on your passion. Don't let those who don't share your vision take it away from you.

And as a side note - don't be a discourager of dreams! Especially those of your children. Instead be someone who is supportive and prayer-filled. You never know who God has chosen to do something that is currently unfathomable.