Giving Grace

I've been reading through Hebrews (my favorite book of the Bible) and this verse jumped out at me this morning,
"See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God;" (12:15 ESV)
At first glance it seems like a call to evangelism doesn't it? But as I was reading the text today this thought came to mind. Maybe what Jesus is telling us is this, "give others a break and extend to them in their sin against you a small part of the massive grace that God has given you through the cross."

We model the grace of God that we, as sinners, have received when we give grace to others. So what does this look like?
  • your spouse forgot to pick-up the milk but you GIVE GRACE because you know you regularly forget to 'pray continually' and 'give thanks in all circumstances'
  • your child's room is not as clean as you'd like but you GIVE GRACE because you know your heart is filthy before a Holy God and he stills desires you
  • your co-worker isn't the easiest person to get along with but you GIVE GRACE because you know that without God's prevenient grace you'd live as an enemy of the cross forever
  • you're frustrated that your students/children aren't learning at the pace you'd like them to but you GIVE GRACE because you know God is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love despite our failure to do as he wants us to
  • you're mad because your parents don't seem to trust you but you GIVE GRACE because you know that you don't always trust God and so you find a way to justify your failure to be charitable or tithe
Giving grace is not an easy thing to do. Many times it comes at a personal cost. That is why we must remind ourselves that God paid the ultimate personal cost. His grace towards us required the sacrifice of his Son. When I am tempted to withhold grace because I want another to pay for their mistakes I need to remember that Jesus paid the debt I couldn't pay, so I can live the life I couldn't otherwise life, and that life is a life drowning in grace for others.