Nantz's Lessons in Leadership

Here's a few leadership nuggets I pulled from Jim Nantz's book Always By My Side.

On earning the right to lead others...
"Jimmy, you can't expect to walk into a hero's welcome. You've got to roll up your sleeves and convert the folks to your side. You've got to earn it."
On leaving an impact in the workplace...
"'s all about the integrity with which you approach work, the way that you treat people, and the relationships you build."
On making other people feel special...
"Jimmy, when you remember someone's name, you make him feel special. But you don't stop there - try to pick up something that's of interest to him, or that sets him apart."
On being grateful...
"Immediately, I wrote McKay a thank-you note, as Dad had taught me long ago never let the opportunity slip by to promptly express your appreciation for someone's kindness."
I have been learning all these lessons in my first year as a retail manager. Rolling up your sleeves, treating people well, and finding what makes each person unique are all tried and true strategies for maximizing your leadership influence.

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